I’m Robin Barr
and I am so glad you stopped in to meet me.
Why don’t we sit down
and chat (virtually, of course) for a few minutes?

Kick off your heels, and grab a glass of wine or a toasty warm beverage and RELAX for a few minutes. That’s right. Relaaaaaax. Take a few deep breaths and sink into that comfy chair. You definitely deserve some down time.

So, now that you are settled…first things first. Let’s chat about YOU.

For starters, I really hope you aren’t having one of those days when you secretly wish your boss would just fire you and send you home with a nice severance check. But it’s OK if you are. Trust me – we have all had them. And if you are having one of those days, I’m glad you are sitting down and relaxing a bit – those days are rough!

No matter what kind of day you are having, I have a few questions for you.

  • Does your daily routine emotionally exhaust you?
  • Do you frequently find yourself more focused on what your plans are for lunch and what you are doing after work than the presentation due tomorrow at 10:00 am that you haven’t started?
  • Do you find yourself wondering how you ended up working where you do and living the life you are living?
  • Do your weeks feel like a blur of one stress-filled day after another?
  • Did just thinking about these questions stress you out?

Guess what? I have some good news! I know something about WHY.

“Yeah, right,” you are saying under your breath. “How could this chick possibly know why? She doesn’t deal with my boss and my job responsibilities and the politics I’m managing! In fact, how dare she even think she could know why?!?!”

I get it. Stay with me here.

What if I told you that these stresses in your life are just symptoms — symptoms of places where your heart and your head aren’t in alignment. They are actually gifts!

And if you are now saying, “You call them gifts? Yeah, right…” – I hear you. But stay with me.

When your heart and your head are not on the same page, life doesn’t flow with ease and joy. And it can be SO frustrating – because you don’t always know why!!

But it’s actually easier than you think. Let me tell you what I see.

I see someone whose heart is craving more joy in her life.

I see someone whose heart isn’t challenged anymore and is yearning for the opportunity to grow.

I see someone whose heart wants to know her real purpose – beyond the Power Points, the laundry, and the errands.

I see someone whose heart seeks peace and the opportunity just to BE herself!

I see someone whose heart is ready for these things in her life but has a head who doesn’t believe it can happen.

Did I hit the nail on the head? If I didn’t – I’m guessing I’m not too far off.

How do I know this?

In short, it’s been my personal experience and the experience of my closest friends and clients. Or as I often say – “Been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt!”

I know what it’s like to be so stressed that you don’t sleep well and wake up late, yell at your husband to take out the trash because you can’t, and snap at the girl in the car in front of you in the Starbucks drive-through because she is taking too long to order – all because you are dreading the meeting you have with your boss in the afternoon.

But the real reason I know this is that in 2009, my body started to tell me the stress I was living with was more than it could handle. Apparently the stress in and of itself was not a loud enough sign. I started to have intense and unexplained dizziness that would strike out of nowhere. It became unbearable, happening in the middle of meetings or while working at my desk, and forced me to figure out how to make enough time to leave the office to go to the doctor for tests. But test after test – even some funky thing they call the “Tilt Table” where they strap you to a table and tilt it in various directions to see if you pass out – could not identify a cause for my dizziness. My doctor said it was probably just “stress” induced. Like that was helpful…

Here’s what I learned.

Regardless of how helpful I thought my doctor’s words were, they DID get my attention.

But it took several years for me to make any real headway towards improving the situation. Yes, I amped up my workouts and added periodic yoga classes into my schedule; I started listening to self-help books and changed my diet every 6 months – vegan, to raw, to paleo, to gluten-free/dairy free.

These were all good changes – and helped me feel better in some ways, for sure.

But I learned that I was working REALLY hard to treat the symptoms of my stress (my angst about my job, my husband, my family, etc.) and not the real root causes. My stress was coming from a much deeper place within me, my heart, and was showing up in the circumstances of my every day life.

I learned I couldn’t figure it all out on my own. After all, I was stuck. When I started reaching out to and working with people I trusted, and hired a coach, things started changing for the better – and quickly.

More than anything else, I learned that reconnecting with my heart, and my authentic wisdom and strength within, was the key to shifting my world from crazed to intentional. And with intention, amazing things are possible!

Here’s what I believe

I believe it’s time to reclaim your inner wisdom, that God-given source of strength and joy within, so you can live authentically, happily, and FULLY.

I believe this stress and discontentment you feel is merely a sign from above that it’s time to release the beliefs and habits that keep you stressed, overwhelmed, bored, and depressed – so you can claim the deeply meaningful life you have always been meant to have.

If you’re thinking…

This is all great in theory…but if you think I’m going to quit my job and move to Hawaii, forget it!

Remember, the sources of your stress may or may not be what you think they are. Those feelings you have about your job, your spouse or partner, your parents, or your health may be symptoms, and not sources.

The source of your stress may be something you believe about yourself and have nothing to do with your mother! Which is GREAT news – because it is much easier to find a new way inside of yourself than trying to get your mom to change ANYTHING, right?!?

Now, if you’re thinking….

“I’m ready. Let’s DO THIS!”

Fantastic! I’m so glad you’re here.

Whether you’re excited to embark on a journey to new adventures, or simply have more gratitude for the lovely life you live now, a real connection to your inner wisdom and strength is the key to opening the doors of possibility. It’s a bit like opening the windows of your home on that first warm sunny Spring day to fresh air, chirping birds, and fragrant flowers (after months of stale air, frigid temperatures, and cloudy skies)! New growth and possibilities are everywhere!

In my coaching sessions, I ask powerful questions, challenge self-defeating beliefs, and bring high energy to ignite new ideas and uncover hidden opportunities so you can begin living an exciting, purpose-driven life you love! In the blog, the e-zine, and in my special programs, I share tools and insights to help you identify and move beyond the stumbling blocks that appear along your path.

I can teach you how to tell that annoying inner critic in your head to take a hike, to tune into your deepest desires, and even how to relax in the midst of daily life.

Most of all, I will help you find own your unique brilliance and harness the courage to take BOLD action – the kind of action that makes you want to throw up and shriek with joy all at once – so you can truly transform into the unstoppable you!

Don’t worry, I won’t ever tell you what you “need” to do. Anything you commit to do to reach a goal is absolutely your decision. And I won’t ever try to make you feel guilty or unworthy if you don’t make progress on your goals. I’m here to support you to BECOME brilliant – and there’s nothing brilliant about guilt and shame.

I will challenge you to consider new perspectives, find what gives you purpose, and to take bold action to achieve your greatest desires.

Let’s DO THIS!!

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