Rough Monday? 3 Tips for Transforming Your Week

Monday’s living up to its reputation, huh?

Oh that sucks!

There is nothing worse than a rough Monday, in my mind.

I’ve had many in my day, and I can safely say I do about anything I know how in order to avoid them.

Can you relate?  

Here’s how they come about for me – does this sound familiar?

A rough Monday shows up like a bad migraine about to surface.

About mid-afternoon on Sunday, I suddenly stop enjoying whatever it is I’m doing.

I could be in the middle of a pool party with friends or on a nice bike-ride or dog walk with my husband and BAM! I start to get grouchy.

Sometimes it shows up at noon on Sunday, sometimes closer to 4:00 PM, but if it’s going to show up, I know it by 8:00 PM Sunday night.

It starts with irritability. Little things that never bother me start to make me snap. I get antsy. The task list starts building in my head – what I have to do tonight before bed, what I have to get done to get out the door on Monday, and then all the stuff that I didn’t get done on Friday that clearly needs to be finished right away!



Before I can blink, it seems that the overwhelming list of to do’s has turned into utter DREAD about Monday.

Dread of getting ready for it, dread of getting up for it, dread of getting to work, dread of working.

Does this ever happen to you on Sunday?

I’m guessing it does.

Here’s what I have finally figured out….

I find that when I DREAD Monday…Monday turns out to be DREADFUL.

When I dread Monday – I don’t sleep well.

When I don’t sleep well – I get up late.

When I get up late – I am rushing around like a crazy chicken!

When I rush around like a crazy chicken – I forget things I need to take with me.

When I forget things I need to take with me – I get frustrated.

When I get frustrated – I take it out on other things like the slow traffic, the crazy driver, and the idiot in the drive-through.

When I take my frustration out on other things – I seem to attract more frustrating things like a crazy full e-mail inbox to clean out, a to-do list that makes me cringe, and other people who are as miserable about what they have to get done as I am.

So then, when I start my day from a perspective of FRUSTRATION and DREAD – that’s exactly how I see my world and exactly what I experience.

Office worker not finding the help she had hoped for in the coffee. Mondays are tough.

UGH!!! It can be exasperating.

When Monday lives up to its reputation – I’m flat out MISERABLE.

How about you?

But here’s the good news – THERE IS HOPE FOR MONDAY (and every other day of the week, for that matter)!!

Monday can be awesome! Monday can be fun! Monday can be as exciting as your greatest Saturday!

So why isn’t it?!?

Here are 3 reasons why Monday is usually a drag – and what you can do to change it – and your week!


The Problem: We have a story about Monday, and the work-week generally, and it’s a DREADFUL one.

 The Solution: Call it out and SHIFT IT!

Since we’ve been talking all about this one – we’ll start here first.

When you notice yourself feeling dread – whether it’s for Monday or for anything, CALL IT OUT.

When you call it out – that means you are identifying it, like “I’m dreading Monday”.

Once you call it out – SHIFT IT!

By shifting it, I mean CHOOSE a NEW PERSPECTIVE.

You can choose the perspective of any object around you, or of an emotion you’d like to feel.

 You can choose the perspective a bird flying over your head might have about Monday, like “Monday is another beautiful day!”

Or, as another example, you can choose the perspective you have for Saturday about Monday, like “Monday is a day full of adventure and fun!”

It’s just a quick catch and shift. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to help yourself shift the story you are telling yourself about something, including Mondays.



The Problem: We don’t get to be “ourselves” on Mondays.

The Solution: Identify it and Shift IT!

Sometimes the dread of Monday and the work-week is a bit more complicated.

Trying on a new perspective doesn’t always “cut it”. There’s something else deeper going on that is preventing us from enjoying our weekdays.

When working with clients to help them identify what’s behind their “Monday dread”, I sometimes learn that my clients can’t be themselves at work, at least as far as they are concerned.

When we don’t feel like we can “be ourselves” with others, we don’t feel safe. We put up a shield to protect ourselves from judgment or attack.

And while we believe it to be true, it’s actually just a story we are telling ourselves to prevent us from feeling the pain of unworthiness or judgment.

If you can identify the story – the belief you have about why you can’t be yourself, that is sometimes enough to help you SHIFT IT.

It is always possible to be ourselves and to meet our objectives – we just have to decide that it is the case!

“It is possible for me to be myself and be successful at work” may be a new saying you can embrace that will shift your story and make your weekdays more enjoyable.

Try it out. “It is possible for me to be myself and …….”. It really works.



The Problem: We aren’t FULFILLED by what we do on Mondays.

 The Solution: Discover it and Shift IT!

At the root of most dreadful Mondays is a more fundamental truth – we are not fulfilled in some way by the things we are doing in our lives.

When a portion of our life is not working for us, it shows up as stress in our day-to-day activities.

Sometimes the answer is easy. Maybe all we need to do to make our life “stress-free” is to stop spending all day Sunday with our mother when a half-day would mean the difference between sanity and insanity.

In my experience, that isn’t usually the case. But it isn’t always as daunting as it might seem.

Discovering what fulfills us in our lives can be an enjoyable experience and propel us to make simple changes that have a big impact on our wellbeing.

One way you can start this discovery on your own is to begin to take inventory of the things in your life that bring you joy, as well as those things that drain your energy.

Once you discover what fulfills you, you can choose to include more of that in your life, and begin to spend less time doing those things that drain you.

This is where hiring a coach can really help you!

As a coach, I use tools and techniques to help my clients efficiently and effectively connect with their values and those pieces of their lives that truly fulfill them.

If you are ready to discover more about what really lights you up so that you can include more of that in your life – let’s talk! I’d be more than happy to guide you through the process. You can request a free 30-minute Breakthrough Call with me anytime at to discuss how working with me can help you.

I hope these tips for improving your Mondays have been helpful.

Which problem or technique resonates with you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a great week!


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