kimsmallI have known Robin for nearly 20 years having worked with her in the corporate world years ago. I will admit that when she initially told me that she was becoming a coach, I cringed a little. My past experience with business coaches was that they were not effective and usually didn’t have any credentials. Robin changed that perspective. I was impressed by the amount of training that she was investing in before officially launching her business. She has always been driven and it was evident that she was passionate about wanting to help others create success in their lives.

Finding myself struggling with a few things, I decided to seek Robin’s help and set up sessions with her. Robin is very intuitive and she clearly came equipped with the knowledge and tools that could help me to discover and address some obstacles that I was dealing with in my life. Robin helped me to commit to getting out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my goals. In addition to the exercises that we did during the sessions, she recommended several books and other resources that I have found to be extremely helpful. The experience of working with her has been life changing.

Kimberly Small
President, Connective Mobile

robertbrooksUnleashing your brilliance is an unleashing of Blake’s ‘mind forged manacles.’ Robin Barr is keenly aware of the power of the subconscious and skillfully guides her clients to first, see their own mind forged manacles and second, help them unleash those manacles in order to overcome whatever issue they are currently working on.

In my case, I met with Robin to deal with a life altering transition. Overcome with fear, shame and guilt, I was trapped in a downward spiral. Robin gently guided me to see how I’d incorrectly carried these self-perceptions throughout my life. After not only seeing the pattern, but also finding the source for each negative emotional pattern, I reversed the spiral and began building toward my own authenticity. Today, just two months after first working with Robin, my business is growing and my life path is an open road. Many thanks to Robin. I highly recommend her.

Robert Brooks
Owner – Brooks Integrative Training and Services

carriecloudAre you looking for a coach who can help you get out of a rut at work or in your personal life? Someone who can help you build the confidence and clarity you need to take risks and unlock your potential? Then I highly recommend Robin Barr.

Robin is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive, and focused. She has an inherent capacity to listen for what’s needed and draw out the concerns, passions, and ideas of others. Her questions and insights pushed me toward clarity in a way that felt safe and natural. Robin’s coaching has made me think differently about what I want and how to get it.

Robin is authentically selfless in her contributions and has provided priceless value to me through her coaching. I highly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a coach who is unwavering in her commitment to relate to you as someone fully capable of reaching your goals and living your dreams. So much is possible with her in your corner!

Carrie Cloud
Nashville, TN

mindyWorking with Robin gave me back confidence and strength I needed during a trying personal time. She helped me sort through past and present situations which allowed me to recognize and understand who I am today. It is because of Robin’s passion for creating positive pathways in her work with people that I am able to manage personal and professional situations with better control and fearlessness.

Robin allowed me to gain freedom and control of my emotions in a positive way. One of my biggest breakthroughs was simply recognizing the importance of communicating emotions. So today, I have no problem communicating to my husband by using phrases like, “when you did this, it made me feel like ‘xxx’.” It helps both of us talk openly and get along so we are not holding grudges.

Mindy Nicolet Moon
Carmel, Indiana